Adjective. (Uhn-nohn)


Something that has not yet been discovered; not widely known.



UnKnown beauty is a curator of travel approved beauty, with a focus on skincare. Our aim is to support global independents, through hand-selecting brands that consciously produce products that are cruelty free and work to benefit the skin. We pride ourselves on selecting beauty brands that fit with this ethos. Our mission, to solely stock brands that are not yet available to the UK and in some cases Europe, bringing our customers exclusive beauty from around the world. 

All brands curated by UnKnown must comply to the following conditions; brands must not test on animals, brands must be independent, brand products must work to benefit the skin and brands must be exclusive to the United Kingdom. 

Our Philosophy. 

We don't believe in upsetting the skins balance by testing new products every time you travel.  We do believe in having skincare that travels with you.

Origins //

With regular travels abroad our founder would pick up new products to try on her sensitive, eczema prone skin. Discovering products she loved she would often have to wait until her next trip abroad of pay hefty shipping costs in order to restock products. Fed up with the process of siphoning products into travel-friendly bottles to take on the go, our founder decided to bring the beauty to her and the rest of the UK. 

 “I came up with the idea for Unknown as I wanted to bring “unknown” products and brands to the UK that I had discovered on my travels.” “I decided to focus on travel products as I believe your beauty routine should remain the same regardless of where you are in the world, be it at home, aboard or the gym.”