Raw Organic Coconut Oil For Skin & Hair

Raw Organic Coconut Oil For Skin & Hair

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Kapuluan | Multi-use coconut oil nourishes the skin with antioxidants and Vitamin E. Suitable for all skin types including children and babies.



The hand pressed 100% organic coconut oil has a non-greasy superfine silky texture for fast absorption. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants the highly moisturising multitasking oil has a multitude of benefits and can be used:

  • All purpose moisturiser

  • Under eye rescuer

  • Natural makeup remover and face wash

  • Smooth chapped lips

  • Non-toxic sunscreen

  • After sun care

  • Improve skin tone

  • Improve itchy, dry skin

  • Reduce Wrinkles

  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks

  • Reduce cellulite & help re-mineralise skin

  • Suncare

  • Sun damage protection

  • Hydrating Tanning oil

  • Natural shaving oil

  • Repair damaged hair and split ends

  • Tame frizz, fly-aways and add shine to hair

  • Oil pulling & Oral care

  • Natural shaving oil

  • Soften nail cuticles

  • Restore flexibility and shine to dry, brittle nails

100ml / 3.38fl oz.


How To Use

Use as needed to nourish skin and hair. Please Note. Natural coconut oil reacts to carrying temperatures. In cold weather, it can get hard as ice. In hot weather, it flows like water.

Tip: If the oil has hardened rub it in-between your hands or use neutral/warm water to soften it up. Alternatively, if the coconut oil is liquid and you would prefer a lotion-like consistency, just toss it in the fridge for a few minutes.

Recommendations / Safe for use on children and babies.

Patch test before commencing regimented use.


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Ingredients / 100% Raw Organic Coconut Oil.