Lavender Towelettes

Lavender Towelettes

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Herban Essentials | Multi-use antibacterial and antiseptic pure lavender essential oil individual towelette wipes. Suitable for all skin types.



Made with the highest quality pure essential oil, making the towelettes naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. The most common use is to cleanse the hands and kill germs, but there are millions of ways to use these wonderful wipes!

7 pack


How To Use

  • Cleanse hands

  • Clean counters, phones + keyboards

  • Inhale aroma to calm and relax

  • Smooth over burns or scrapes to disinfect, ease pain, promote quick healing, and prevent scarring

  • Massage temples and back of neck to relieve headaches and/or stress

  • Inhale aroma and tuck in pillow case to aid in a goodnight’s sleep

  • Toss in the dryer to infuse clothes and linens with lavender aroma

  • Rub all over skin to repel bugs and relieve itching due to previous bug bites

  • Dot on blemishes to clear breakouts

  • Remove makeup on the face

  • Clean makeup brushes

  • Place in the tub to infuse bath with relaxing lavender oil and aroma

  • Clean baby’s bottom and prevent diaper rash

Oils / Lavender oil is renowned for its calming and healing properties.

Patch test before commencing regimented use.


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Ingredients / Water, lavender, essential oil, tween 20 - a neutral emulsifier.

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